subZERO Festival!

This weekend (June 6th and 7th) was the subZERO Festival in downtown San Jose. On Friday night, our friend Morgan picked us up, and we headed to San Pedro Square with him and his super cool girlfriend Mina. We ate delicious barbeque at Bray, then stopped at Treat Bot for some delicious ice cream before walking down to South First Street.

All of the music we heard coming from the main stage was really good. The vendors had some pretty fantastic set ups too. My favorite is always the Black Lotus Clothing live fashion installation. Their team creates some of the most magical scenes to go along with their beautifully haunting fashion. Honestly, I could have spent all night just hanging out at their installation. Because I love fashion and art. Anyway, after taking way too many pictures, we moved along to the body painting area which is always really cool to see. Mina knew some of the artists which is really cool! So we got to meet quite a few people through her.

Saturday night was when Dogcatcher was playing. My good friend from college Karyssa is dating their front man, Andrew. We saw them perform for the first time a few weeks ago when Andrew's art show opened at Kaleid gallery. They make great music! It's so much fun to be around other creatives. It really re-energizes me. We grabbed a few drinks, listened to some jazz at Cafe Stritch, then headed back to Karyssa's place for a little bonfire.

What a great weekend. I love being around art and creative people.