Annie and John's Beach BBQ and Wedding Rehearsal

A few months ago, I was contacted by Annie to accompany her and her friends and family to a beach bbq in San Luis Obispo county the day before her wedding to John. She was an incredibly sweet person through email, so I booked her for June 21st and made arrangements to stay in San Luis Obispo with a friend. My husband didn't want to stay here in San Jose by himself, so we packed up Dolly and all headed down for a little family trip.

Annie was even nicer in person. She and John are two of the kindest people I've ever met. And Annie is just way too adorable!

The bbq at Shamel Park in Cambria was fun. So much good food and lots of friends really made the morning special for Annie and John.
In the evening, we all headed to Paso Robles and had a nice afternoon and dinner at Creekside Farms.

Congratulations, Annie and John!