D.I.Y. Tutorial - Painted Milk Bottles

For last weekend's editorial, I wanted to bring some crafty details to the pretty vintage set up that Michaela and Kay created. I decided to make some cute little painted milk bottles that fit the blush and gold theme. We ended up using them as holders for cake pops in the editorial. This is a tutorial on how to make them.


First, you'll need to gather your materials.

These include:

  • Empty and clean milk bottles
  • White, red, and gold paint
  • Masking tape
  • Paint brush

Step 1:
Mix your paint. I wanted a light pink "blush" color for this, so I mixed a tiny bit of red into a lot of white. Next, apply the paint on the inside of the bottle.


Step 2:
Once the inside of your bottle is coated, let it dry. Then, mask off a line around the neck of the bottle where you'd like your gold stripe to be. These bottles had short necks so I put the gold line close to the top.


Step 3:
Paint your gold line. This may take a few coats of paint. Let each coat dry completely before applying another layer.


Step 4:
Once dry, remove masking tape. Enjoy your painted milk bottles! They make a cute addition to your decor. They can hold flowers, candles, or even tasty treats!