D.I.Y. Tutorial - Rustic Candle Holders

A while ago, I did a rustic, farm-themed wedding editorial (which I like to call weditorials) that featured cute vintage details. Most of the vintage pieces were supplied by Seventh Heaven Vintage Rentals of Palo Alto. But I managed to make a couple really cute candle holders for the shoot that worked out well in the setting.


Here is how I made them.

First, you'll need to gather your supplies. These include:

  • A clean, empty jar
  • Sticks of various widths
  • Small river stones
  • A hot glue gun and glue sticks

Step 1:

Plug your glue gun in. You'll want it to be ready to go when you have your sticks done. Then, measure each stick to the top of your jar, by holding it next to it. I just snapped mine at the desired length, but this can be rough on your hands, so be careful. You will need more sticks than you think. I used about 25 sticks per jar.


Step 2:

Apply a strip of glue to each stick. Then place the stick, glue side down, on the jar. I had to do this quickly since my hot glue gun is a "low temperature" gun and the glue doesn't get very hot. Repeat until you have sticks covering the entire circumference of the jar.


Step 3:

Fill the jar with small river stones. This will allow you to use a shorter votive as your candle. Plus it looks really nice to have the rocks in the bottom.


Step 4:

Add a candle of appropriate height. If the candle sticks out over the top of your jar, just remove some rocks until it fits just about an inch under the top of the jar. Enjoy your rustic candle holders!