Daniel and Jody.

I've known Jody since elementary school. People used to think we were sisters because we basically looked identical. Dark hair with really thick bangs, big eyes, and a little mischievous smile. Okay, maybe Jody wasn't mischievous, but I certainly was.

We went to different high schools and that's where she met Daniel. Kind of weird that we both ended up with Daniel's right? 

Jody and Daniel are not engaged, but I thought it would be fun to do a couple's shoot with them. You don't have to be engaged to take fun pictures with your significant other!

Daniel was making us laugh the ENTIRE time. It's a miracle I even got any photos at all because I was laughing pretty hard!

After our session, well all went to San Pedro Square for drinks and dinner and it was a really great time. Thank you Jody and Daniel for letting me take your photo!