My plant, Ann.

I've received potted plants before, from my husband, when we were dating. However, they were usually bulbs, since daffodils are my favorite flower, and since I've always lived in an apartment, they always died. 

I have the opposite of a green thumb. A red thumb? That just sounds gross. 

Well, three weeks ago, for a project I did for, I was supposed to get a potted plant. I picked up the smallest one I could find at Trader Joe's which just happened to be this cute little grouping of succulents. 

I named the plant "Ann" after this scene in Arrested Development. "Way to plant, Ann!" 

I am proud to say, that Ann is still alive and well! Even sprouting new leaves! I've been told by several friends that succulents will continue to grow if you give them a bigger pot, much like a goldfish in a bigger tank. We'll see how big she gets. 

Here she is today. :)