Priscilla and Tim - an Engagement Session in Mountain View

While I was at SJSU, I took a 3D design class. It wasn't a computer graphics class, it was a hands-in-clay, wire-bending, metal-folding-with-large-machines kind of class. This was part of my undergrad while I was studying graphic design. Priscilla was in this class and I was so impressed by her talent and the forms she created in our class.

I've kept in touch with her through the years and when she told me she was engaged I was incredibly happy for her! She's one of the kindest people I know with a perpetual smile and radiant positivity. She's also a talented graphic designer (

Priscilla and Tim wanted to visit the Shoreline Lake in Mountain View to rent a canoe for their session. They didn't know it, but navigating the lake would be symbolic of their adventure together as husband and wife. And just like an adventure in marriage, the canoe took them on many twists and turns and even crashed into the shore a few times. But Priscilla and Tim enjoyed the adventure, laughing and smiling and just being happy to be with each other. Which to me, is what marriage is about.