Last week I went to Yosemite with my dad for three days. It was a beautiful trip. The weather was perfect, there weren't too many people, and we got to marvel at all of the "big rocks, big trees, and big water" as my dad said, the whole time. I'm not a nature photographer by any means. And my 28mm lens hadn't been delivered by the time I left, which would have been a useful piece of equipment! But I think I do okay. First, we drove around the valley floor, with our necks getting sore from looking at the 7,000 foot high waterfalls and rock formations. _DSC8797 That's my daddoo. We stayed right outside the park at Yosemite View Lodge, right on the Merced River. _DSC8815 _DSC8824 Ribbon Falls._DSC8848         El Capitan. _DSC8883Yosemite Falls. Then we headed to Yosemite Village for some lunch meats and cheeses which is all I pretty much eat these days haha! _DSC8905 Then we headed to the Awahnee Hotel. It is an historic building and has some really great information about it, but most importantly, it's in a beautiful location. _DSC8929 _DSC8951 _DSC8954 _DSC8961 This is the view of Yosemite Falls from the hotel. AMAZING! _DSC8969 The PERFECT area to take bridal portraits. Quick, someone get married here so I can take photos! :) _DSC9029 When the sun started to set, we headed back to the lodge. But I got a few snapshots along the way. _DSC9032Half Dome! The next morning I got up super early to get a photo of the Merced River without the harsh sunlight on it. _DSC9101 And since we were up (haha, sorry dad! I wake up early!) I "suggested" we go to Bridal Veil Falls. Might have been more of a demand... I'm not sure. _DSC9110 Walking up to the falls the run-off is beautiful._DSC9129 _DSC9157 _DSC9171 _DSC9176 _DSC9184 _DSC9194 _DSC9203 Back by the parking lot we saw some deer! Next, we were going to hike to Mirror Lake. We took a little detour, though. Got a shot of Yosemite Falls from a little path, then we headed to Happy Isles. _DSC9265 _DSC9291 Trail to Happy Isles. _DSC9297 GORGEOUS Mirror Lake._DSC9322 That was a long walk in the heat. Only 4 miles round trip, but we did get a little lost on the way back to the car, thanks to the Leatherman Sense of Direction my dad and I share. Then we needed a huge meal, showers, and sleep. The next morning, before we left, we headed to the highest look-out point to get a view of the whole valley. It was incredible. _DSC9358 _DSC9364 Then, the hike to Lower Yosemite Falls._DSC9386 _DSC9416 Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls. _DSC9423 _DSC9432Lower Falls with a rainbow!!! I had a lot of fun and it was great to spend some one-on-one time with my dad. I hope you get the change to go sometime soon; it's an incredible place.