Dipping my toe into Stellar Photography.

Our Tahoe trip fell through. Basically, I'm not allowed to plan trips anymore, because I screwed things up. Luckily, my godmother said we could stay at her house for a few days so that's what we did! Monday night, Dennis (my godmother's husband) and I pointed my camera toward the sky. With just my little 50mm lens, we got some really great stuff. Hopefully, some time soon, he's going to get a Nikon mount for one of his telescopes and I can photograph more stellar objects. I'm totally hooked. I need to start brushing up on my constellations, because I can't remember anything I got other than Orion's Belt.

Make sure you click on the images to see them really big. :)


Orion's Belt and a plane passing through.

Orion's belt.

_DSC2937 _DSC2934

The bright spot is Jupiter.