More Projects from

If you haven't gone over to to check out some of their really cool projects for your kids, you're really missing out. They have some great crafts, games to build math skills, and recipes even kids can make! Here's some of the newest images I did for last month!

Taste Test Science: Fool Your Tongue!

This beautiful piece of wood is a $14 bamboo cutting board. Did I get it to cut up food on? No way. I got it for photos. It's way too pretty to cut on!

Felt Flower Bouquet

Find Out What Makes Popcorn Pop

Keep A Horizon Calendar

I actually took this in 2009, when we visited our friends Andie and Jeremy in San Louis Obispo one weekend. We had a beach day where we went to a bunch of different beaches. I believe this is Avila beach.

Pumpkin Science: To Float or Not to Float?

That's it. I have 30 more projects assigned from them, so I have my work cut out for me! :)