Thursday, Angela and I went on a tiny road trip to the East Bay scouting possible photoshoot locations. We went to Hayward, Fremont, and Niles. The Niles Canyon was really gorgeous, but we didn't see the ghost that haunts it haha. I took video of the canyon so once I edit the video I took I will post it. We went to this park up in the hills of Hayward, Garin Park. It was so incredibly gorgeous. And from the top of one of the streets you could see the whole East Bay. Pretty amazing. Walked through the mud to this little creek and I had Angela throw rocks into it and I took pictures really fast of all the different splashes and merged them in Photoshop. I'm in love with the high pass filter right now (obviously) so I used an action I downloaded from deviantART that included a high pass filter among other things and just fiddled with the saturation and color balance.

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