Sonora, California.

Everyone keeps telling me I need to shoot. But I've been so ridiculously busy, I just haven't had time. Since it's the end of the semester, I've had to start focusing on school-work more. Plus since it's the holidays, of course I've been running around doing 5 million things. A few weeks ago, Daniel and I went to stay with my godmother in Sonora. Her husband recently inherited a TON of Nikon stuff from his father. He brought out a bunch of lenses while I was there and I had to try them all! My favorite was the vintage 8mm 1970's Fisheye. It was HUGE and heavy, but I had so much FUN with it!

The rest of the time, I used my f/1.8 50mm mostly.

So here's my most recent photos, that aren't work related.

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