Doll Face - A Horror Movie by Alycia Creative.

I love horror movies. I really do.  And fake blood. It's just so much fun. So last Friday was Friday the 13th. OF COURSE I needed to do a horror movie type of shoot on Friday the 13th. I bought a blank mask from Michael's and painted it to look creepy. I made a storyboard for the story I wanted to portray and sent it to everyone involved. There were 4 models, 2 makeup artists, and 2 assistants. Plus, there was me. We sneaked into Willow Glen park around 9pm. There were other people in the park in the pitch black for some reason. It was weird. A few cop cars drove by, but no one harassed us. Which was pretty nice. Anyway, the story goes like this: A group of friends are going off into the woods at night to be teenagers. Teenagers do that. Samantha gets a phone call and goes off to talk in private. She is not alone. Panicked, she runs back to the group to find only Brenda. Brenda is not okay. Samantha is freaking out. She runs and finds Adela, but Adela tells her Johnny ran off too and she can't find him. Adela tells Samantha to sit by a tree and wait for her while she goes to try and find Johnny. Samantha has company again. She runs. She finds Johnny. It's too late.

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