1920s Romance.

Yesterday. I'll start at the beginning. It decided to rain. It's been like 75 degrees for the past week and it had to RAIN on Tuesday. Oh but don't worry, it'll be 70 again tomorrow. When it rains, it tends to make people for get how to drive. So I drove down 17 with tons of traffic in the rain and ended up being 20 minutes late to my shoot. Luckily we all arrived about the same time at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz, CA. After our shoot, my eyes got messed up. This had happened twice before - where there was this weird spotted pattern on my contacts just randomly and I was LITERALLY blind. My lighting partner Vanessa walked me across the street to her car and drove me to Rite Aid so I could get contact solution. I took them out and cleaned them out, but they were still messed up really bad and starting to scratch my eyes. I was BLIND. If I ever go blind, I think I'll just have to shoot myself because I freaked out just in that little time that I couldn't see. I tried to drive. Luckily, Vanessa made me stop, she drove my dad's car home for me because she is just that awesome. I need to get her a cookie.

Anyway, after editing some of the images, a past professor was really critical of them and hurt my feelings with some things he said about them. I cried. But it's okay because I think they are kick-ass.