Spring Semester School Projects So Far.

Hello! For my first post in my brand-spanking new blog, I decided to show you some of my class projects from this semester so far. First, in advanced lighting, we had to stop motion. My partner Vanessa modeled for me while I used the Photoflex monoblocks to stop the motion of fake blood dripping off her hand.

Second, we had to do a portrait and I had this concept to make a twig crown and a feather choker. But when I started to think more about my concept, I decided I wanted 2 different looks. So I also got a bunch of fake flowers and butterflies from the craft store. I decided one look would be "Fall" and the other would be "Spring."  My model is the ever lovely Danielle Wilson. After editing the images, I decided to use a shot of the Fall image looking "hopeful" and the Spring image looking "defeated" in order to challenge conventional ideas of what Fall and Spring typically mean to us emotionally.

Our third assignment in advanced lighting was to photograph a reflective object. I once again wanted to use a model, however, I couldn't find anyone in time after posting ads all over the place and I ended up having to use my awesome lighting partner Vanessa again. I basically had to build a little box around her of white to make the reflection on the bracelet even. I took a picture of the set up with my phone:


Here's the shot I got:

I also did all her make-up and styling.

So this is it for my first post. I'm going to post at least 2 more entries today about photographing Karyssa.